Government of Karnali Province
Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment
Province Forest Directorate
Division Forest Office
Work Description

  • Forest Management and Promotion of Enterprise and Tourism: Contribution to Dailekh's Happiness and Prosperity.
  • To protect the forest by preventing and controlling forest encroachment, fire, illegal logging and theft of forest products and wildlife poaching.
  • To regulate the collection, distribution and utilization of timber, firewood, herbs and other forest products.
  • To carry out forest promotion works such as regeneration promotion, bush clearing, thinning, hay pruning etc.
  • To implement the approved action plans of sustainable and scientific forest management for increasing the productivity and production of forest area.
  • To provide necessary technical assistance to community forest user groups for forest management.
  • To formulate and implement division level plan related to forest development.
  • To give necessary technical advice to the stakeholders for the development and management of private forest and agro-forestry.
  • To provide information related to forest resources to the general public.
  • To make sustainable management of the forest under the jurisdiction of this Division Forest Office through community based forest management system in accordance with the forest policy and law.
  • To increase production and productivity by promoting tree planting and cultivation expansion of timber and non-timber forest products.
  • To carry out works related to soil conservation and watershed management.
  • To carry out works for the protection of environment and biodiversity.
  • To carry out forest development and management works in coordination with district level governmental and non-governmental organizations, local level and other concerned bodies.
  • To provide technical assistance for forest development works such as establishment of forest nursery, operation, plant production and tree planting.
  • To create employment and income generating opportunities through forest conservation, development and utilization activities.
  • To develop forestry enterprises.
  • To carry out the works of identification, protection and development of tourism infrastructures (construction, renovation and reconstruction).
  • To provide support based on on-site practice for policy and law making related to forest and environment protection, land and watershed management, sustainable forest management and forest enterprise and tourism promotion.
  • To facilitate for equitable distribution of benefits derived from forest, biodiversity and watershed resources.
  • To maintain good governance in the forest area.