Government of Karnali Province
Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment
Province Forest Directorate
Division Forest Office

Forest resources are an important open and shared natural resource. Forests are also the backbone of agriculture, tourism, water resources, industry, etc., which are the backbone of Nepal's economic development. For the protection, enhancement and utilization of forest area. According to the spirit of decentralization in 2040 BS, 5 Regional Forest Directorates and District Forest Offices in all 75 districts will be established. District Forest Office, Dailekh was established in 2043 BS. After the implementation of the federal structure in the country, the name of this office has been changed to Division One Office, Dailekh from 2074-04-01.

  • Purpose
    To maintain ecological balance and clean environment by conserving, promoting and utilizing forests and wildlife.
  • To increase the productivity of forest area and production of forest products.
    To conserve soil and watershed management.
    To develop and promote forestry enterprises and tourism.
    Facilitate production, collection, extension, processing and marketing of herbs.

The responsibility of the center
Improving local employment and income generation while maintaining a clean environment through forest management, land conservation and forest enterprise and tourism development and promotion. Increasing the contribution of the forest sector to the economy of Dailekh district through the sustainable and participatory management of forests and water bodies, the promotion of forest enterprises, the development of wildlife conservation and tourism, the expansion of herb cultivation and processing and the production, value addition and equitable distribution of other forest products and services while maintaining environmental balance and sustainable development.